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Livschits Violins workshop and trading house was founded in 1991 in the heart of the city of Haifa. Now among the leading workshops and trading houses for bowed string instruments in Israel, we are engaged in all kinds of activities related to bowed string instruments: author's instruments making, repair and restoration, sale and rent, valuation and certification, while always seeking to sponsor music education and art in Israel...
Recommended Tutors

Stella Sternberg

Violin Teacher
Tel: 050 811 8429
Mail: conskarmiel@gmail.com
Teaching violin playing at the conservatorion of Karmiel for 25 years

Evgeni Apter

Violin Teacher
Tel: 052 511 5109
Mail: apter47@mail.ru
Violin Teacher, at Rubin Conservatory for 28 years
Sabina Frankenberg Cello Teacher

Sabina Frankenberg

Cello Teacher
Tel: 052 362 3057
Mail: sabinafr@bezeqint.net
Very experienced teacher. Studied in Israel and in the US, taught in Jerusalem at the Conservatorion by the Music Academy and played freelance in the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. My true love is the teaching of cello. Happy to teach children from the beginning of their careers, professionally with a smile and a hug. Some of my students have already found their way to the stage in Israel and in the United States and continue my work, teaching themselves.

Uri Lavi

Violin Teacher
Tel: 052 373 2468
Mail: chen_lavi@s-h.org.il
Violin teacher for decades with a lot of experience. In recent years focusing more on advanced students who are going to graduate with outstanding results.Many students have achieved impressive success both in Israel and abroad and are highly appreciated. Teaching in Kiryat Tivon and Haamakim area.

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