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Livschits Violins workshop and trading house was founded in 1991 in the heart of the city of Haifa. Now among the leading workshops and trading houses for bowed string instruments in Israel, we are engaged in all kinds of activities related to bowed string instruments: author's instruments making, repair and restoration, sale and rent, valuation and certification, while always seeking to sponsor music education and art in Israel...

Instruments, Bows and Accessories for Sale

Trading House offers a wide range of Instruments, Bows and Accessories. You can find bowed string instruments from Italy, France and Germany made in the XVII - XX centuries as well as instruments made by modern masters. Livschits Violins specialists are ready to assist in the selection of the proper instrument,according to the musician's needs and features. The range of violins for students of different levels is also available. For young musician, not only his individuality, but also the recommendations of teachers arealways taken into account while choosing an instrument.

Buy-Sell & Rent

Guarantee and Trade In Service

Livschits Violins trading house provides a full guarantee on all instruments and bows sold except for insured events and force majeure cases. We provide our clients with a flexible trade in service. Upgrade to a higherlevel instrument by giving us your previous one as part of the payment

Sell Us Your Instrument or Bow

We take instruments for sale to help our clients intending to sell their instruments and bows. An option of buying a tool or a bow out is also available.

Instruments for Rent

The workshop provides rental services for both students and professional musicians. For complete information on the program conditions and prices, please call or visit the workshop.
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